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Horizon Aviation is not your typical flight school. We are a sophisticated operation that gives our students and staff the opportunity to learn and experience flying at its best. Not all of our staff are pilots, but all of us are enthusiastic about the dynamic environment we work in at Horizon's headquarters at TF Green (Providence International Airport).

If you are interested in working in and around planes, pilots, aviation, and education, this is the place for you. Our job packages are competitive and the perks are even better (pull up a chair and sit on the ramp as the jets fly by).

We are a growing business and we are very interested in qualified applicants in the following positions:

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) - Immediate Openings Available
Share your passion for flying at Horizon. Our students range from the beginning primary students, to the CFI and MEI candidates. Our CFIs teach according to a Part 141 syllabus with an emphasis on safety and professionalism while making the learning process as fun and enjoyable as possible. Potential CFIs should have their CFII ratings to accommodate our large number of IFR students. Our Multi-Engine program is just as busy, making an MEI highly desirable as well.

We look for candidates that have a superior knowledge of aviation, the ability to teach, and work well as an employee. We highly value experience gained in other fields. For your interview be prepared to teach a lesson. We will want to know about your life experiences, especially those that have made you a better employee. Contact us now if you are interested in working at Horizon Aviation.

Office Administration
We need someone to help out with the day to day filings and paperwork that come along with running our business.