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“that first flight, and I was hooked", "spectacular aerial sightseeing!”, “airplanes in top shape", "impressed with the instruction… tailor my training to my learning style” - Michael, Mar. 2017

“Training at Horizon has been effective...got the job done", "Heather did a wonderful job in preparing me overall, "flights with Scott were excellent", “sense of accomplishment and freedom are incredible", "never forget the feeling ...I was now on my own up in the air!”  - Brian, Aug. 2016

”Night cross country to Hyannis was beyond beautiful", "the nerves of my first solo, taking off behind a C-17", "every stage of training has been more than I could've ever imagined", "great staff at Horizon has really helped me along the whole process and have made me love going there” - Kayla, Aug. 2016

“Experience at Horizon has been awesome, professional, fun, rewarding, exciting...  It's a great place to learn", "the staff truly cares about the students--both professionally and personally", "lessons are always well thought out--advancing through the syllabus while also taking the students' goals into consideration” - Nick, May 2016

“Sheer joy in my daughter’s eyes when she took her Discovery flight at T.F. Green location for her 21st birthday", "best day of her life!" - Patricia, Mar. 2017