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Our Fleet of Planes

At Horizon Aviation, we are proud to offer a fleet of well maintained, FAA-approved aircraft in which to conduct your flight training. For primary flight training, we operate Cessna 152s and Cessna 172s. These are the most popular training aircraft in the world and have trained hundreds of thousands of pilots worldwide. For the advanced licenses, we operate a Cessna 172 Retractable Gear as well as a Piper PA30, Twin Comanche.

Cessna 172S with Garmin 1000 "Glass Cockpit"

We're pleased to offer training in two Cessna 172s equipped with Garmin's G1000 glass cockpit configuration. The G1000 puts a wealth of flight-critical data at your fingertips. Its glass flightdeck presents flight instrumentation, navigation, weather, terrain, traffic and engine data on large-format, high-resolution displays. The G1000 glass cockpit offers all the benefits of training in a standard Cessna 172 with the added benefit of introducing students to the future of avionics and the latest in safety features - even airbags! We can also help transition pilots trained on older "round gauge" configurations to the more modern G1000 setup.

Cessna 152

The Cessna 152 is a two-seat, high wing training aircraft with a 110 horsepower engine. It cruises at 105 knots (120 mph) and has a range of more than 400 miles. Equipped for day or night flying, it is our standard training aircraft for the initial license, the Private Pilot’s License. Horizon Aviation operates three Cessna 152s.

Cessna 172

The Cessna 172 is the most popular general aviation aircraft of all time. It is a four seat aircraft primarily used for flight training and personal transportation. With 160 or 180 horsepower engines, our Cessna 172s cruise up to 120 knots with a range of several hundred miles. As well as being great for the Private Pilot’s License, the 172 is a superb instrument platform and is our standard training aircraft for the Instrument Rating. Horizon Aviation operates six Cessna 172s.

Cessna 172RG

The Cessna 172 Retractable Gear is exactly what is sounds like - a Cessna 172 where the wheels fold up and disappear into the belly during flight. Also, the angle of the propeller is adjustable in flight. These two differences make it a complex aircraft. This improves the performance of the aircraft considerably and gives it a cruise speed of 140 knots. With large fuel tanks, the Cessna 172RG has a range of more than 900 miles. The 172RG is used to train pilots for the Commercial Pilot’s License and the Flight Instructor’s Certificate. With a fully-coupled auto-pilot and GPS navigation system, the 172RG is great for training pilots to operate more sophisticated systems in preparation for larger aircraft. Horizon Aviation operates two Cessna 172RGs.


Horizon Aviation also operates a flight simulator, also known as a PCATD. While it looks quite like your simulator at home, it is actually much more sophisticated. It is an FAA-approved flight simulator that is a legal substitute for 10 hours of Instrument training as well as currency training. It has a separate instructor’s station that allows the instructor to manipulate the training environment to simulate a wide range of conditions. In many ways, it is far superior to training in an actual aircraft since we can create conditions in which you would never intentionally operate a real aircraft. With it, we can simulate more than ten different aircraft types from Cessna 172s all the way up to mid-size twins.