Our School & Programs

Learning to fly is a big investment so choosing the right school is crucial. Several things set Horizon Aviation apart:

Customer Service

Future pilots have many choices when choosing a flight school. At Horizon Aviation we constantly try to find new ways to address our students' needs and this includes more than just being open seven days a week. Over the past three years, we've increased our financing options from one to five so that financing companies compete for your business. We've added an FAA Testing Center so you won't have to travel to take the FAA written exam. We provide excellent software programs for test preparation free of charge. We have also added a collegiate flight training program so students can become professional pilots. In short, we're always looking for ways to serve you better.

FAA Approved

Horizon Aviation is the longest serving and most experienced FAA-Approved Part 141 flight school in the area. This level of certification assures our students that our staff, planes, facilities, and syllabus undergo greater scrutiny and meet the highest criteria of the FAA for flight schools. Also, for those pursuing a career in aviation, it allows the student to save thousands of dollars in training costs as well as months of time.

Quality Instructors

Horizon Aviation has highly experienced flight instructors who set the standard for quality flight training. They average more than 2,000 hours of flight time and each has advanced instructor certificates. Our flight instructors at Horizon Aviation are an experienced group. Our Director of Operations is retired from Pan Am Express where he worked as Chief Pilot and Check Airman. We also have a retired Marine Colonel on staff with countless years of flight and teaching experience. Many additional flight instructors are excellent teachers with unique insights to offer those interested in learning to fly. All are fully FAA-certified.

Great Aircraft

Our fleet includes thirteen aircraft to meet a wide range of training needs. We can train you to fly single and multi-engine aircraft in a variety of flight condition. This means we can take you as far as you want to go, whether it's flying with friends and family for fun or flying for the airlines. In addition, we have an FAA-approved PCATD: a flight simulator for single, complex, and twin-engine aircraft. With separate student and instructor stations, it is an excellent training tool for the instrument student.


Many people would love to learn to fly but are concerned it may not be affordable. At Horizon Aviation we are proud to offer students the choice of financing their flight training with AOPA Flight Training Funds, Pilot Finance, or Sallie Mae Financial. All are independent companies that specialize in financing flight training. We have chosen three companies so that you have a choice when paying for your flight training. And remember, once you earn your license, it's yours for life. For those in the career program, we offer several more financing options tailored to our program.

Career Program

For those who want a career as a professional pilot, Horizon Aviation is very excited to announce that flight training received with us is eligible for academic credit at multiple colleges: New England Institute of Technology, Westfield State University, and Utah Vally University.  If you fly with us, you can now earn full academic credit for your flight training in a college degree program.  All flight training can count towards either a two-year Associate Degree or a four-year Bachelor Degree in Aviation Science.  Academic courses towards the degree are taken either on campus (at New England Tech) or online at the student's convenience.  Finally, all flight training costs and additional course costs are eligible for government backed student loans and grants as well as alternative student loans for those who qualify. This is a great way to fly, earn a college degree, and get great financing at the same time.