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Common Concerns
There are three major obstacles to flying: Financing | Scheduling | Medical Concerns

Financing: This is going to be expensive right?

Well, it depends how much you fly. Our instructors are going to give you a syllabus (FAA approved) and we are going to make sure you get maximum bang for your buck. At Horizon you can pay as you go, no upfront fees - pay only for the amount you fly as you fly: no prepayment required, no fixed schedules, and no pressure. It is actually very affordable, and the level of convenience is unbeatable. When you fly with us, you can rent our planes for your trips. We have a bunch of planes, renting is usually not a problem.

We also have established relationships with financing organizations and our staff are experienced in helping students plan ahead. In his former life as a strategic planner for a Fortune 500 company, Zeke dealt with financial planning everyday. He and the rest of the staff can help you find the best way.

Scheduling: I haven't got a lot of time

We are open everyday - 7 days a week - with office staff to answer your questions and flight instructors who can take you up in the air. We have a fleet of planes - even if one is in for routine maintenance we have many more to fill the gap. Tell us when you can fly, and we can probably accommodate you. 

Medical Concerns

When we have students who have medical concerns we call the experts in the field around the country to understand what the situation is and how it affects flying. If there is a solution, we will provide it to you. There are some common medical conditions that we can provide you with information about now, but every situation is unique.