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Associate Degree in Aviation Science & Technology

For the past five years, New England Institute of Technology has offered an Associate Degree in Aviation Science.  At our Warwick, Rhode Island location Horizon Aviation has partnered with New England Tech and Horizon provides the flight training for this program.  Together we are able to offer our students a comprehensive curriculum that offers the best training and facilities available in Rhode Island. This exciting program combines academic studies and hands-on flight training to prepare graduates for positions in the aviation industry including airlines, cargo, and corporate flying.

Please note that flight training for the New England Tech program is conducted in Rhode Island. 

How it works:

  • Training - earn an Associate Degree and multiple FAA Pilot's Licenses at New England Tech and Horizon Aviation
  • Build Experience - upon successful completion of the program you will have the experience and credentials to apply for your first job as a professional pilot. Usually this is working as a flight instructor.*
  • Apply to the Airlines - when you have the flight experience to be competitive you can apply to the airlines.

New England Tech

Enrolled students attend New England Tech for academic coursework that includes the theoretical portion of flight training (ground school and other aviation courses) as well as required non-aviation core curriculum courses in subjects such as English and Math. Simultaneously, students receive flight training at Horizon Aviation.

Horizon Aviation

Horizon Aviation's Career Pilot Program is rigorous and the expectations are high. You will train at the longest serving and most experienced Part 141 school in the area. Horizon's large fleet of training aircraft enables us to offer training in 8 different FAA licenses - from Private Pilot Certificate through the Airline Transport Pilot.

Learning at an international airport

If you are ready to dedicate yourself to study and train in a challenging environment we will make sure you receive a world-class education from some of the best instructors in the industry. Students come from around the country and from over 33 countries to train at Horizon Aviation because our program is comprehensive (with training for nine FAA licenses offered) and our facilities are top-notch. At Horizon Aviation, you will learn to fly at a busy international airport under the experenced eye of our instructors. We will train you in a variety of weather conditions, in multiple types of aircraft, and give you the experience of flying along side commercial airliners. It may sound daunting, but our instructors are working with you every step of the way.

One-on-one training

Unlike some flight training programs, we are able to work very closely with our students, offering one-on-one flight instruction and making sure that our students don't just learn "how" but also "why" we go through the processes needed to become a top-notch pilot. Successful graduates from Horizon Aviation have the confidence and ability to work professionally in aviation. Many of our students have become flight instructors and then begun their careers as commercial pilots in all fields, from airlines and corporate flying to military aviation.

Recognized by the FAA

Horizon is the longest serving, and most experienced Part 141 school in the area, and is one of the small percentage of Part 141 approved programs available nationally (less than 1 in 10 flight schools is Part 141 Approved). We train people of all ages and backgrounds from recent high school graduates to former corporate managers and veterans of the Armed Forces.

Call or visit us today!

Visit us today and learn more about our program or contact us by phone or online. We are always happy to speak with prospective students. You can also contact New England Tech to learn more.

* Enrollment in New England Tech and/or Horizon Aviation in no way implies a job offer with either organization.