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At Horizon Aviation we are keenly aware of the needs of people who want to fly for business or pleasure. Beyond the experience of flying, planes can get you where you want to go faster and safer than most land transport. Unfortunately, heightened security has become a necessity at public airports and the lines grow longer while the delays and baggage errors continue to increase. At Horizon we can help you take control of your travel needs - you can travel where you want to go, on your own schedule, faster and often more cost effectively than a commercial carrier could take you.

Horizon Aviation has pilots training for their private licenses who are current and former executives, investors, and business travelers. We offer the most comprehensive and efficient training system available for any need, with a syllabus approved by the FAA. Because we are a mid-size school, we have the planes and resources to schedule your training around your availability. We are open 7 days a week and have some students who come in daily while other students train once a month. When you get your license, you can rent our planes for your travel at very competitive rates. We carefully maintain them and make sure they are in top condition, ready to go when you want to go somewhere.

Whether you want to take your family for lunch on Nantucket (only 20 minutes away by plane), or fly to New York for business (only 60 minutes away), you can train at Horizon and join the lucky few who can travel on their own schedule. It may be the case, as with some of our students, that you will purchase your own plane and hangar it with us. But this isn't the playground of the elite; this is a luxury enjoyed by many people who love aviation and enjoy flying. It is the ultimate perk of an amazing skill, piloting a modern aircraft.

Call us and schedule an introductory flight, or just stop by and see for yourself what we have to offer. People walk in our door every day to see our school and Horizon is becoming well known in the industry. Many schools claim to be the best, but we know when you visit and meet our pilots and instructors, you will understand what really sets us apart. Horizon Aviation is an exciting place to be. Next time you are at the airport waiting in line, or stuck in traffic for cape, think about what we can do for you, affordably and efficiently. We'll get you where you want to go.

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