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For the past five years, I have been transforming Horizon Aviation into the premier flight school in Southern New England. Our facilities, equipment, and services are second to none. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of students of all backgrounds, experience levels, and schedules. We strive to offer the most affordable and flexible flight training available. This flexibility is achieved through a strong FAA approved curriculum that guarantees that the flight training you receive meets the highest standards of the industry. We are open 7 days a week with a group of professional instructors dedicated to making the learning experience the best experience you can have at a flight school. When you are here you are immediately part of a group of people who love to fly. We will do everything we can to make your goal of flying happen. Bring us an obstacle to your learning - schedule, finances, medical concerns, fear of flight - and we will do everything we can to help you overcome it step by step.

Our instructors and students enjoy a close camaraderie and love to talk with anyone willing to listen about the experience of flying. Part of what makes my day, and what makes me so proud of Horizon, is our atmosphere of excitement and professionalism that makes people look forward to coming in, even if they aren't flying that day. Our ramp is right off of runway one-six and many of us enjoy simply sitting in our hangar and watching the planes go by.

As you dig into our site and research your options for flying, you will find that a lot of places claim to be the best location for learning to fly. The best way to judge is to see for yourself, firsthand. If you don't have the best customer service experience from the moment you walk in the door, let me know and I will make it even better. You can call us right now, or you can just walk in the door. Once you see Horizon Aviation for yourself, we are certain that you will understand what really sets us apart from other schools. Read our student profiles, talk to people who have received instruction here in the last five years, and discover Horizon Aviation for yourself. Thank you for considering Horizon Aviation for your flight training. We look forward to hearing from you.

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