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Horizon Aviation is proud to be a flight school that can enroll international students. We recently had students from Germany and Austria training here. We can help you get your M-1 visa so that you can study at our school if you meet all the visa requirements. M-1 visas are for non-US citizens who want to study at US vocational schools. As a flight school, Horizon Aviation is considered a vocational school.

We want to make this a simple process for you, so read the information on this page and contact us with any questions or if you need specific information. You can contact the school by email or Zeke Valtz directly at (401) 736-5115 with any questions regarding international studies. He is the Designated School Official (DSO) for Horizon Aviation helping students apply for M-1 visas.

The basic process for applying to Horizon Aviation as an international student is:

1) Contact Horizon Aviation and let us know that you would like to study with us.

2) Apply for a student visa. When you contact us we will request specific information and send you an I-20 form that you can use to apply for an M-1 visa at the United States Embassy or Consulate located in your country.

3) Register with the Transportation Safety Authority (TSA) if you are studying for your Private Pilots License, Instrument Pilots License, or Multi-Engine Pilots License. You can register with the TSA at their website. This process can be started while you are overseas or after you arrive in the US and it will cost $130. As part of this process you will be fingerprinted. Currently there are international fingerprinting services in:

  • FSI and TAM Linhas Aereas, Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • FSI Canada Limited, Dorval Quebec, Canada
  • Flight Safety International SARL, Le Bourget, France
  • Saudi Aramco, Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  • Emirates-CAE SimuFlite, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Flight Safety International, Farnborough Hampshire, United Kingdom

You can also be fingerprinted by the Rhode Island State police at TF Green Airport (right next to our school). Be aware that it can take two-three weeks for TSA approval in the US, so it may be faster to be fingerprinted overseas before you arrive in the US. If you choose to be finger printed in the US, we can get you started with ground school and non-training flights to acclimate you to Horizon Aviation.

Contact us now to find out how you can get started.
*Note: the requirements for the M-1 visa are very specific and you will be required to prove proficiency in English and the ability to pay for tuition and living expenses before you will be granted an M-1 visa. Contact your local US Embassy or Consulate for more information on application fees.